Credit Card Companies Overstepping?

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Sued by a Bank or a Credit Card Company?

Is It Worth It To Defend A Credit Card Lawsuit?

You thought that old credit card balance had dried up. Perhaps you thought the debt collectors forgot about you or gave up trying to reach you. Then, bam! You get served with a “Summons” and a copy of a lawsuit filed by some company you never heard of alleging you owe an inflated amount on an account you almost forgot you had. Your Options:

Ignore It: Ignoring the problem doesn’t mean it goes away. If you ignore it, the creditor or the collector automatically wins and you’re stuck with a judgment against you.  

Offer To Settle: Not a bad option. Almost always the creditor will offer to knock something off the balance if that yields a quick settlement and avoiding going to trial. But how do you know if you could’ve gotten more?

Represent Yourself In the Lawsuit: While representing yourself in court is totally doable, just remember that the company you’re defending yourself against is being represented by a lawyer. Collection lawyers can be intimidating and aggressive. You don’t have to go against them alone.

Hire an Attorney To Represent You: No stress, no mess, and potentially debt-less.

  • “She has been available at any time of day including weekends to answer our questions.”
  • “She was especially good at details and was always well prepared.”
  • “I was pleasantly surprised, to say the least when Sara was able to successfully have the entirety of the charges dismissed”
  • “Everyone on her team was always helpful as well.”
  • “She was always professional, yet kind and empathetic.”
  • “Sara Khosroabadi has represented my firm in more than one case, and we have always settled on very desirable terms.”
  • “She's definitely out to do the best she can for her clients.”
  • “She handled my pre-trial brief in a very thorough and professional manner.”
  • “For anyone who has child support issues I highly recommend Amanda!”
  • “She executed all my needs and then some.”

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