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Child support is part of the divorce process for married couples with children and may be an issue that arises for unmarried parents. Spousal support, also commonly referred to as alimony, is another issue that divorcing or post-divorced couples may face that is decided by the courts on a case-by-case basis. Financial support can be vitally important to individuals seeking it to ensure economic independence.  Support orders are also crucial for the payors of such support in terms of ensuring that the payment is fair and just. 

When facing these critical financial issues, whether you need to seek, contest, enforce, or modify a support order, you can rely on the knowledge, skills, and determination of the legal team at Khosroabadi & Hill. At our firm, your case will be addressed by the combined efforts of our San Diego child and support attorneys. Our firm has created a client-first approach that provides individualized legal solutions based on your unique needs and objectives. We build cases to help you achieve the favorable results you seek.

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California has established state guidelines used by the courts to determine child support payments. These guidelines create a formula for the calculation of monthly support based on several factors. The most critical factors in this calculation are each parent’s income and percentage of time spent with the child. Thus, as parenting time increases, payment amounts may decrease and vice versa. Additional factors may impact payment amounts, such as tax filing status and valid deductions such as union dues, medical insurance premiums, and mandatory retirement deductions. 

Child support can also become more complex depending on a parent’s type of work, such as in cases of self-employment or business ownership. These cases may require tax returns, profit and loss statements, and proof of expenses. Other separate calculations may be needed in cases where commissions and bonuses are part of a parent’s compensation. Our team can help prepare your case no matter what side of the issue you are on for a fair outcome. 

Spousal support is designed to ensure that the party seeking such support is able to maintain the lifestyle that was established throughout the marriage. It may be awarded on a temporary as well as a long-term basis. Temporary support provides financial resources to the less-economically advantaged spouse while a divorce is pending. Long-term support may be ordered on a more permanent basis to financially assist a spouse after the divorce has been finalized. 

Spousal support is awarded by the courts based on an analysis of many factors, such as the length of the marriage, ages and health of both parties, assets and liabilities, disparity in education level, career training, or income history, and any other factors relevant to the case. 

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Our award-winning San Diego child and spousal support attorneys understand the crucial nature of support issues in divorce and post-divorce situations. We are here to help you seek fair and just results in both child and spousal support orders. We can also provide diligent legal support if you need to enforce an existing support order or modify it based on substantial changes in circumstances. Our goal is to ensure that your case is backed up with compelling evidence in support of your desired outcome. 

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