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Divorce is often one of the most difficult experiences you will go through in life. It is commonly accompanied by emotional distress, financial worries, parental concerns, and more. Regardless of what brought you to the prospect of divorce, having a strong legal advocate by your side throughout the process is invaluable and something you will not regret. A trusted professional to help you navigate the process is critical when facing issues that can have such a dramatic impact on your life and future. 

At Khosroabadi & Hill, our San Diego divorce attorneys take a personalized approach to your case. We refuse to engage in cookie-cutter treatment when handling such sensitive matters as the division of marital community property and debt, child custody and visitation, financial support issues, and the myriad other decisions that may arise in your divorce. We believe consultation and communication are key in the attorney-client relationship during the divorce process and that is what we practice. 

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Divorce in California

In California, the courts do not get involved with the reason for your divorce. California was the first state to create the “no-fault” divorce rule. This means a spouse can seek a divorce based on the claim that the marriage is irretrievably broken and will not have to prove any type of marital misconduct by the other party. However, you and your spouse will still need to come to an agreement on the issues that surround your divorce, such as marital property division, child custody, and support. These issues may be contested and, if you and  your spouse cannot come to a settlement outside of the courtroom, it will lead to litigation. In deciding these issues, the court may take into consideration any relevant “fault” on the part of a spouse that is presented, such as family violence, abandonment, or squandering of marital funds. 

The Steps Involved in the Divorce Process

California’s residency requirement for a divorce is that at least you or your spouse must have lived in the state for the prior six months.

The steps for divorce include:

  • The initial filing. This includes a filing fee.
  • Service of the documents on the other spouse.
  • Declaration of disclosures. This includes incomes, assets and liabilities.
  • Filing motions. While the divorce is pending, you and your spouse may file motions for temporary custody, visitation, child support, or alimony.
  • Settlement is attempted. The court requires that you and your spouse attempt to come up with a settlement agreement, either through informal negotiation or at a mandatory conference.
  • Trial. If the attempt to settle fails, the court will set a trial date. At trial, the judge will make final court orders on all of the pending issues, such as those involving property, children, and support.

Get a Team Approach from Our San Diego Divorce Attorneys

When you bring your case to Khosroabadi & Hill, you will have the benefit of multiple attorneys dedicated to helping you resolve your divorce. This puts several legal minds and sets of skills at your disposal in preparing your case, devising the optimal strategy, and providing you with the caring representation you need in such a sensitive matter. Each divorce case presents unique facts and circumstances that prohibit any cookie-cutter approach. Identifying these factors are at the forefront of our personalized strategy. Our team has handled countless divorces through negotiation as well as litigation and are prepared to work zealously to protect your rights and help you navigate towards a positive outcome.

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  • “The best thing I could ever say about Amanda is she is honest, caring, educated and highly detailed oriented which saved me and my children time, money, stress and most of all time apart.”
  • “My case was very high conflict and she gave me the best piece of mind. Worth every penny!”
  • “Sara Khosroabadi has represented my firm in more than one case, and we have always settled on very desirable terms.”
  • “She is professional, honest, and made herself available to me whenever I had a question or concern.”
  • “She was especially good at details and was always well prepared.”
  • “I recommend anyone who is looking for an attorney to contact Khosroabadi &Hill, they will not disappoint you.”
  • “She puts her clients first, explaining the process what she can do, what she can not do and does not generate unnecessary billable hours.”
  • “She handled my pre-trial brief in a very thorough and professional manner.”
  • “She was always professional, yet kind and empathetic.”

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